Caribbean Companies

Don't Delay! Get a U.S Government contract today!!

Doing business in the Caribbean can be a nightmare. It feels like it’s two few dollars running down too many businesses. But what if we shared with you a way to make 6 to 7 figures in us dollars selling to the U.S government. There would be no hassle for marketing, spending massive budgets on advertising no keeping large inventory on your hand because you won’t have to guess what the customer is buying they would tell you; how much they need and how often they need it.
Well if that sounds too good to be true. We have news for you that is the world of government contracts.

3 Major Misconceptions

Caribbean Companies have that make them lose out on receiving U.S Government contracts.

Misconception 1

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U.S Government contracts do not take a long time to pay. Actually by law the U.S government is required to pay small businesses within 15 days after submission of the invoice. When the government says a small business they are referring to companies that make less than 30 million USD per year and less than 500 employees

Misconception 2

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You don’t have to be U.S citizen or a U.S company Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be us company or even situated in the U.S. to bid on U.S Government contracts. You can register with the Federal government as a foreign based company and supply the U.S government with goods and services.

Misconception 3

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You don’t have to have a large company. Whether you operate in a large luxurious building or your grandmother’s garage; you can still get a U.S government contract. The only thing that counts is your ability to deliver.

It’s Time to End your struggle for success