Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is a British film director known for his stylish crime movies, such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.”

Tony Leung

Tony Leung is a Hong Kong actor who has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films, including “In the Mood for Love” and “Chungking Express.”

Damon Wayans

Damon Wayans is an American actor, comedian, and writer who is best known for his work on the sketch comedy show “In Living Color” and the sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is a British–American film director known for his mind–bending and visually stunning films, including “Inception,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Interstellar.”

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is an American filmmaker known for his stylized, violent, and often controversial movies, including “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill,” and “Django Unchained.”

Fernando Carrillo

Fernando Carrillo is a Venezuelan actor and singer known for his roles in telenovelas such as “Abigail” and “Rosalinda.” He has also released several music albums and participated in reality V shows like “Dancing with the Stars.”

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez is a visionary filmmaker who defies conventions and delivers captivating narratives through his unique style and groundbreaking techniques. From the stylized noir of “Sin City” to the family–friendly adventures of “Spy Kids,” his films showcase a master storyteller unafraid to challenge the status quo and create cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression.