Dov S Simens

In 1998, the National Association of Film Schools recognized Dov as “America’s #1 Film Instructor”. In 1991 Mr Simens committed 100% to film education and founded the Hollywood Film Institute, an alternative to expensive film education, with it’s patented “2-DAY FILM SCHOOL™” (presented & franchised in over 35 nations), and presented over 1,200 master weekend intensives, for adults & professionals, on Filmmaking, Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, Financing & Distributing. In 2010 Mr Simens sold his campus to J J Abrams. His Alumni has grossed over $16,000,000,000 (Yes, that is Billion with a B) at the Box Office Gross in the past 2 decades. He has graduates, in over 34 nations, that include China, Germany, India, Brazil, France, England, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, Ecuador.

Jeff Brazzle

As the CEO of I.Vizion Media, Jeff Brazzle has established himself as a pioneering force in the world of creative production. Headquartered in the vibrant hub of Miami, Florida, I.Vizion Media is a full-service production company known for its exceptional contributions to the industry. Under Jeff’s leadership, the company offers a comprehensive array of services, from concept development, equipment, and crewing to scriptwriting, character development, producing, directing, and post-production. I.Vizion Media also stands out for its Executive Producer services and project management, including agent services, enabling clients to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry with confidence.

One of Jeff’s notable achievements is I.Vizion Media’s seamless evolution from traditional cinema-style commercial production to high-definition live broadcasting, showcasing a remarkable adaptability and forward-thinking approach. This transformation is a testament to Jeff’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends. The core strength of the company lies in its team of award-winning directors, producers, and editors, who consistently bring clients’ unique ideas to life in ways that captivate and engage audiences. Jeff Brazzle’s visionary leadership at I.Vizion Media continues to shape the future of creative production, leaving an enduring mark on the entertainment landscape.

Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards, the Executive Chairman of Steven Edwards Productions, is a Caribbean-born entrepreneur who has made a resounding impact on the global stage. With an impressive repertoire as a movie and theatre producer, writer, children’s author, actor, and voice-over artist, Steven’s multifaceted talents have garnered widespread recognition. His unique approach of utilizing the arts to transform vulnerable communities has earned him accolades from the Commonwealth. Notably, his captivating short films have been featured on the esteemed Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Additionally, Steven has demonstrated his commitment to fostering talent by training over 100 artists across the Caribbean in acting for stage, screen, and sound. Collaborating with industry leaders Dov and Kevin, Steven aims to revolutionize the Caribbean film industry, providing both artistic opportunities and financial stability for creatives while incentivizing businesses to support the growth of the industry.

Ingrid Jahra

Ingrid Jahra, BSc, eMBA – Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mrs. Jahra is co-founder of CinemaONE Limited, a cinema exhibitor of the country’s first and only digital IMAX movie theatre.  She has been CinemaONE’s Chief Executive Officer and Director since inception since 2009.  CinemaONE Limited is the first company to list on the SME tier on the Stock Exchange of Trinidad and Tobago in 2018.

She has been directly responsible for IMAX, Gemstone, 4DX and CineCentral  theatre construction, the building of an IMAX theater operations team, negotiation of theatre programming agreements with all major Hollywood studios and the execution of various multiyear sponsorship agreements with large regional corporations. More recently, in 2022 and 2023

She has held senior positions in the ANSA-McAL Group of Companies in the areas of public relations and new media development from 1994 to 1996 and from 2005-2007, respectively.

Mrs. Jahra is currently the Chairperson of The Board of Film Censors of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rebecca Mahabir

Rebecca Mahabir M.Sc, B.Sc is a distinguished professional with a proven track record of enhancing organizational performance in various sectors. She possesses a strong academic background in Business Administration and Accounting, as well as extensive experience in Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Sales, Auditing, Administration and Accounting.

She has worked in various sectors such as energy, manufacturing, and education and has several years of experience in both profit and non-profit organizations. She is committed to promoting corporate governance and professionalism in local and international settings and has demonstrated these qualities in her previous roles.

Rebecca Mahabir believes that professionalism is a way of life, not just a situational behavior. She also has excellent organizational and communication skills that enable her to excel in her professional career. She upholds high standards of work ethic and personal integrity in everything she does.

Janine Van Throo

Janine van Throo, CEO of Social Africa

A seasoned veteran in the IT industry, Janine van Throo boasts over two decades of hands-on experience, predominantly in functional and business analysis. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics, Janine possesses the acute business acumen required to steer a tech venture.

As the CEO and one of the visionaries behind Social Africa, Janine is at the helm of a groundbreaking initiative. Social Africa isn’t just another tech company; it is a movement. It’s a platform that stands on the principle that “time spent is not time wasted”. Pioneered by Africans for Africans, Social Africa is on a mission to be recognized as the most dynamic platform on the planet.

Central to Social Africa’s ethos is the genuine drive to uplift and champion content creators both within the African continent and in the diaspora. The company’s goal is to pave the way for these talents, ensuring they have a fair chance at earning a respectable livelihood. By offering a space where art, culture, and commerce converge, Social Africa is not only showcasing the richness of African creativity but also fostering connections, building bridges, and promoting intra-continental business ventures. The future looks bright with Janine at the forefront, leading Social Africa’s charge in reshaping the digital landscape of the continent.