What Happens Next

Register for Workshop

Click the sign up button below and register for an audition call. Complete registration form Registration online facilitates the audition call. Provides us the information we need to contact you.

Audition Call

We are looking for just 20 – 25 persons in the workshop. The persons selected are those most likely to complete their film. It is the intention that after the workshop we would have 20 – 25 feature films within the next 9 months of the workshop.

Audition calls are used to screen persons who are just seeking an activity and not really invested in making a film. If you are successful after an audition call you will a letter informing you of such and inviting you to make your payment. We advise that you take advantage of early bird opportunities.

Make Payment

Facilities are available to pay by pay pal, Zelle, direct deposit, credit card and even over the counter if you are in Trinidad and Tobago. Once payment is made access would be granted to group coaching sessions and tips, tricks and tools would be shared with you leading up to the event.

Coaching Group

You would get some preliminary lessons from Dov himself prior to the workshop. You can ask questions (VIP only) on your specific projects. And get a jump on what you can start preparing in order to make your first feature.